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Top 5 Smashy and Mesmerizing Summer Lip Colors 2018

with every increase in temperature, there come different shades of lipsticks by which you will look cool girls! There are different shades of lipsticks that girls match with their dresses and in summers you girls prefer brighter shades. Matte lipsticks are now becoming the choice nowadays. There is something about summer lip colors 2018 that will change your make up the look and enhance your beauty. I am going to share top 5 lipstick shades for summers 2018 that will make you rock this summer. Let me begin.

Top 5 Most Dazzling Summer Lip Colors 2018

  1. Red

Red has always been the color of choice for the girls. In the deep summer heat, the deep red color hit the girls. Different shades of red are present, you can use it according to the days and nights. So, the sheer shade is always best for the day and the sizzling red shade for summer nights. If you prefer to use gloss you can also apply gloss on lipstick to make it a good stain.  Hence, the red shade with the watermelon version is also cool for the summers.

Red Summer Lip Colors 2018

  1. Purple

Purple is rare color in lipstick but when you put the great purple lipstick on your lips you will get surprised to see your brighten look. However, there are crazy lavenders shades that include color bar velvet matte and Maybelline color that makes your lips plumy and purples. The true purple color gives you the best look if you wear it in the right way.

Summer Lip Colors 2018

  1. Orange

Orange is an eye-catching lip color, if you don’t like red shade then orange is the best choice and don’t get scared. Seems like, orange lip color is best, energetic shade for the summer. However, the fun shade that makes you look vibrant. Every summer collection is incomplete without orange shade. If you get embarrassed by the dark lip, here we have tips on how to get rid of dark lips 

Mesmerizing Summer Lip Colors 2018

  1. Fuchsias and Pinks

The pink color is the girl’s topmost favorite color and this makes your pout the best of styles. In the hot summer, hot pink lips look great. Avoid pink lips if you are attiring pink. Wear lightweight pink shades.

Pink Summer Lip Colors 2018

  1. Corals

It is the best color for every skin tone. Definitely, it is the best summer lip colors 2018 shade. This coral color makes the dark skin tones the opaque ones and the fair skin color glows up. Try pinker corals too in the hot summer. In addition, if you want to try the warmer ones try the orange coral’s shades. Fashion stars always prefer the coral hue shades in the hot summer.

Coral Summer Lip Colors 2018

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