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Goher Mumtaz Biography Age, Height, Education, Career, Achievements

Goher Mumtaz is a Pakistani singer-songwriter, guitarist, musician, music composer and actor. He actually got from being the founding member of rock band Jal. 

Early Life Of Goher Mumtaz

Goher Mumtaz was born on 27th of July, 19871 in Lahore. From early hood, Goher was too consulted with Music. He usually practiced music on a keyboard which he got as a gift. He was 16 years old when he sold his bike to buy his first bike. Goher hid that guitar under his bed due to parents restrictions. You can also find here about the biography of Atif Aslam.

Goher Mumtaz Biography

After completing matriculation, he suffered an accident and was confined to bed for six months. This bed rest gave him time to practice music. Goher taught himself composition, singing, and songwriting without any formal training.  He was truly inspired by Pakistani Bands Junoon and Vital Signs and wanted to make his own band. You can also find here about the biography of Feroz Khan.

Formation Of Jal          

Goher Mumtaz & Atif Aslam were College fellows having same thought of being Musician, started singing at college concerts. Gaining positive reviews from other college fellows, both decided to form a band. Consultant, their first was Aadat which became an overnight success.  This song was written by Goher Mumtaz and was sung by Atif Aslam. All Radio and Tv station started playing that song. You can also find here about the biography of Ali Askari.

Goher Mumtaz Biography

After the success of Aadat, they started getting concert queries, so they decide to name their band and finally decided to name it as “Jal”. They performed in many concerts as a line-up of Doher as guitarist and Atif as a vocalist. You can also find here about the biography of Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Brand ambassador of Gibson Guitars

In the subcontinent, Goher Mumtaz became the first brand Ambassador of Gibson Guitar Corporation. His exceptional guitar skills and composition of melodies changed the course of pop music in the subcontinent.

Goher Mumtaz Biography

Acting Career

Goher Mumtaz with good looks and performance in his music videos he started getting offers for many drama roles of TV Dramas. Initially, he rejected all offers as he wanted to give his 100% to music but after a lot of offers he signed his first drama serial “Kountry love”

After receiving good response from his fans he took his acting career seriously and signed many other Drama serials. You can also find here about the biography of Faisal Qureshi.



  • Aadat_2004
  • Boondh_2007
  • Pyas_2013


  • Sajni_2008
  • Uraan_2010
  • Dam hai To Smanay_2011
  • Ek Arzu – Unplugged _2012
  • Tu Qadam Barhae Ja_2015
  • Tere Bajoon_2015
  • Ooncha_2015
  • 3 Albums medley_2015
  • Pennda_2017
  • Bhanwray_2017
  • Pal_2017
  • Fasilay_2017

Coke Studio Pakistan

  • Panchi_2011

Pakistani Drama Soundtracks

  • Tanhai_2013
  • Laiyan Laiyan (Cover) _2014
  • Dil Jhoomay_2014
  • Pyar Hai_2014
  • Rona Nahi_2014
  • Khel Sajna_2015
  • Sun Saiyan Tere Ishq Diyan Khairan Mangian_2017


  • Uff Ye Mohaabat
  • Tanhai
  • Kathputli
  • Ghayal
  • Neelum Kinaray
  • Kountry Love
  • Kahi Chand Sharma Na jae
  • Fasila
  • Ishq me kafir

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