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Effective Natural Acne Treatments for Acne Prone Skin

Acne is fallen on the list of the major problem of our younger generation. No doubt it damages your beauty and personality both. There are varieties of Acne Treatments available for the cure of a pimple or acne. But it will not give you result for just one use. Treat again and again for some days or weeks give you the desired result. Natural treatments are more effective for acne skin as compared to chemicals.

Natural Acne Treatments:

Are you looking for natural acne treatments? A natural treatment also gives you internal health. Undoubtedly faces are the mirrors of your internal health. Natural treatment includes natural products which possess the natural power of fighting against acne. Undoubtedly Natural things give you effective result without any chemical harmful effects.

Acne Skin Treatment

7 Best Home Remedies for Acne:

Instead of using chemical products homemade remedies are best for Acne Treatment. So many women at home get the quick result by applying home remedies for pimples. We are going to discuss different simple and quick remedies for acne skin.

Garlic cloves treatment:

Take a slice of garlic clove and rub it gently on pimple affected area for 5 mins twice a day. No doubt it will remove your pimple without any spot.

Honey natural defender:

Honey is naturally antibacterial which defends against acne. Daily massage of honey on acne face for 15 mints is very fruitful and makes your skin acne free.

Tea Tree oil:

Tee tree oil is considered the natural defender against acne. Dip a cotton bud into the tea tree oil and apply slowly on your face and keep it left for 20 mins.

Lemon juice:

Lemon is also used for acne skin. It has vitamin C which also helps to fair your complexion.

Apple vinegar:

It is found that apple vinegar is also helpful in curing pimples in effective manners. Apply some vinegar along with yogurt for 20 mints, it will surely give you the awesome result.


The egg is the very useful diet for our health. It is rich in calcium and vitamin B5 and B12 which is proving to be best for your skin. We consider egg as a natural Acne Treatment product.


Turmeric has natural healing power which heals the pimples or acne very fast. A mixture of honey along with turmeric powder in the same ratio will help to remove pimples.

You can also find here tips for glowing skin at home.

Acne Treatments

How to get rid of Acne?

First of all, find your skin type. Acne is no doubt getting a serious problem in our youth. If you have acne skin, always rinse your face with warm water. It helps to open up pores. Don’t burst a pimple with your nails; otherwise, it might bring further. Always think positive, positive thinking always keeps you stay away from trillions of disease. Use some masticated or homemade remedies for Acne Treatments instead of using chemicals or surgeries. Its result may be for time being but after some time it will change into worst acne.

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