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Ali Askari Biography, Age, Education, Career, Achievements, Death

You can easily find here about Ali Askari Biography, Age, Education, Career, Achievements, Death. Ali was a well known Kurdish Politician. He was the pre-eminent Leader In Iraqi Kurdistan. His Party was known as The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan. You can also find here about the Feroz Khan Biography. 

Ali Askari’s Family

Ali takes birth at the place of Gopata a village in Kurdistan. His family was basically from a village of Sargalo, but his Grandfather proceeded in order to conjugate in Askar. Later on, in 1916 li askari’s father,  Abdullah Askari, departed to built-up a village near Askar which is Now known as Gopata. His Father was used to be the Head of Qala Saywka tribe, which was one of the largest and famous tribes in Iraqi Kurdistan. You can also find here about the Biography of  Abdullah Farhatullah.

Ali Askari Education

Ali Askari among him were 7 brother and 3 sisters. He was the youngest among them all. As there was no arrange of study in Goptapa so He had to move to Askar for Educational purposes. He studied in Askar till 3rd grade, Later he departed to the Village of Aghlalar in order to proceed his studies in 4th and 5th grade spend last year in middle school. Later he departed to his uncle Sheikh Raza in Karkuk. His uncle was leading the Naqshbandi branch. You can also find here about the BIograpyh of Faysal Qureshi.

Ali Askari

Politician Career

Ali Askari was only seventeen when he became the member of Kurdish Democratic party which was also known as KDP. After accomplishing High school, He applied for the Military College and Civil-Engineering College, but the KDP members requested him to depart to Mosul and become the Representative of KDP. He accepted there request and droped the dream to go College.

On KDP’s first official meeting, He was elected and became the voted member of KDP’s Central committee.

The Kurdish rebellion started on 11th Sep 1961 and Ali was handed over the command to rescue Zaxo, Duhok and the rest of Bahdinan region. He was the youngest member among KDP’s leading staff. He was blessed with courage, great energy, and military skills. You can also find here bout the Biography of Hamza  Abbasi.

Military Career

Ali led tons of battles in 1960’s and had full control of various Peshmerga groups. He became the leader of that force which was one of the five most significant military forces of KDP in Kurdistan that time during 1961 rebellion.

After the dissolution of Kurdish Leadership, the KDP staff decided to leave and again start-up the revolution to continue the  Kurdish Movement in Iraqi Kurdistan. Ali Askari, Omar Dababa, Dr Khalid Saeed, and Rasul mamand pronounced a to built-up the Kurdistan Socialist Movement (KSM).

Ali Askari decided to become the leader of his party to create a union of recently formed parties which will be known as the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and also called PUK. The reason behind PUK was to start a rebellion against Sadam Hussain and his reign. The PUK came into being on 1st June 1975. Puk was a parasol of two Organizations. First one was the Leninist group, Komala which was led by Nazshirwan Mustafa and the second one was the Kurdistan Socialist Movement (KSM). You can also find here about the Biography of HSY Designer. 

Death of Ali Askari

In June 1978, Dr. Khalid Saeed, Sheikh Hussain, and Ali Askari started a mission to collect arms from Kurdish villages located inside the Turkish Border to support the new Kurdish Rebellion in Iraq. Ali with his force of 800 Peshmerga was attacked along the way to Hakkari which was a Turkish Border town, by force which was loyal to KDP and was bombarded by Iranian and Iraqi air strikes. Many of the 800 Peshmerga were killed involving the capture and implement of himself after somedays based on the will of Barzani’s and Leadership of Kurdistan Democratic Party.the death of Ali Askari was implementing the internal affairs of Kurdistan and by an RPG-7 the matters were even more complicated. You can also find here about the Biography of Atif Aslam.

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